HSV Pickleball Club Committees

Volunteerism is the life’s blood of any organization. So Many Village residents freely give their time and effort for causes they believe in. The HSV Pickleball Club is a prime example of that “Volunteer Spirit” as you are often called upon to help with almost every

project and you step up to help.

We are 287 members and growing and as you can imagine a Board cannot do everything to make this Club the roaring success it deserves to be. In that vein we have created six committees with a Board Member as Advisor/Contact, showing responsibilities of each

Committee. Some responsibilities look really long but please keep in mind most of them only gear up infrequently.

A copy is posted on the Club House Bulletin Board. Please look them over, there is something

for everyone. Contact any Board Member for help or information.





Assisting Board Member: Club President and Secretary

• Responsible for management of all communication channels inside and outside HSV PB Club

• Have administrative access to Website to update

• Social media (when active) posting, photos, tournament info, playing advice sites

• Post club activities and procedures

• Post tournament results and pictures on website

• Maintain Club e-mail account

• Respond to e-mails and originate e-mails to club members

Court Operations



Assisting Board Member: Club Vice President

• Responsible for coordinating court activities, court times, and creating schedules with

Leagues/Trackithub Committee and organizing Court monitors (if/when needed)

• Organize member play, Skill Level, Open,Challenge Court, Ladder/Round Robin, shootouts

• Present hard copy of court/monitor schedules (if/when needed) to club house front desk




Assisting Board Officer: Club Vice President

• Responsible for all issues involved in the instruction of Pickleball

• Finds trainers to manage player/referee development

• Develops instruction and drills for all levels of play

• Coordinate clinics with out of town professional (If desired or directed)

• Teaches rules of the game and court etiquette

• Co-ordinates use of the ball machine and its operation

• Keeps inventory of club paddles/balls and advises of needs


Promotions/Sponsorship/Social/Tournament Committee


Assisting Board Member: Member at Large 2

• Responsible for maintaining (after creation) a consistent rating system.

• Decide on Schedule for Ratings to be updated

• Send rating changes to League/Trackithub Committee

• Send notices of Ratings changes to Communications/Website Committee

Leagues/ Trackithub Administrator Committee

Promotions/Sponsorship/Social/Tournament Committee

Promotions/Sponsorship/Social/Tournament Committee

Assisting Board Member: Club Secretary and Club Treasurer

• Responsible for establishing assorted league play for club members. Responsible for

overseeing Trackithub Pickleball Club Management System

• Works with Court Operations Committee on court availability

• Decides on types of leagues, shootouts or ladders

• Manages League Captains for Shootouts, Ladders and Round Robins

• Maintains member renewal data in the Roster, league score posting, Importing new members

• Creating member groups, advising membership on Trackithub related situations

• Coordinates with Communications Committee for posting League/ladder results/pictures on


Promotions/Sponsorship/Social/Tournament Committee

Promotions/Sponsorship/Social/Tournament Committee

Promotions/Sponsorship/Social/Tournament Committee

Assisting Board Member: Board Member at Large 1 and 2

• Responsible for maintaining, obtaining new court sponsors in coordination with Website

Committee and individual existing sponsors. Works closely with Communications Committee

• Post Club events and schedules at indoor Pickleball venues

• Responsible for promoting Pickleball and HSV Pickleball Club to the general public

• Responsible for promoting social interaction among club members

• Responsible for coordinating tournament play in events sponsored by HSV Pickleball Club

• Plans and implements events through the year

• Write stories about Club events, current and upcoming for newspapers and Recreation

department posting

• Control the ordering, sale and distribution of club logo items, recommend any new items

• Coordinate the mass emails concerning matters of this committee, recruit Volunteers for

Tournaments and organizing food/refreshments

• Become familiar with Organizing and Running Your Tournament (www.pickleball.biz/club/

club-programs/organized-play/organizing -and-running-your-tournament