Hot Springs Village Pickleball Club

Skill Ratings

What is a USAPA Skill Rating?

The USAPA will award a Sanctioned Rating to USAPA members who are;

  • A current member of the USAPA
  • Play in sanctioned USAPA tournaments (scores are compiled and ratings awarded)

A Skill Rating is used to group players by ability levels so that players can compete in tournaments or leagues with other players of similar ability. Keep in mind that the IFP/USAPA rating system is not a perfect system. It should, however, improve a player’s chances of having a more competitive and fun match. 

Guide to Self-Rating from HSV Pickleball Club

HSV Pickleball Club has chosen a Club Rating system and members will Self Rate to determine their Skill Level. This is a rather simple self evaluation of your skills. The following is a guide that allows you to subjectively see what your playing abilities equate to as a skill. 

Enjoy, Play, Practice and Move up the levels.

You must answer “YES” to 5 or more Statements, if you cannot then you are that Skill Rating.  If "YES" then drop down to the next self-evaluation box, start answering “YES” under the same criteria. If “No” to 2 or more statements, you are the Skill Level shown.

Skill Rating 2.0

  • I know where to stand at the beginning of each point
  • I usually get my serves ‘in’
  • I usually let the return of serve ‘bounce’
  • I am getting the hang of keeping score
  • I can often keep the ball in play
  • I know what a dink shot is
  • If “YES” to five or more, move down, if not…....................... Skill Rating 2.0

Skill Rating 2.5

  • I have the basic rules down 100%
  • I am working on getting my serves and return of serves deeper
  • I am working on getting my dinks shallower/lower
  • I am can hit a few dinks in a row
  • I can usually hit backhand shots when I need to
  • I am trying to add more power or softness to my game
  • It “YES” to five or more, move down, if not…....................... Skill Rating 2.5

Skill Rating 3.0

  • I know almost all the special case rules
  • My serves and returns are almost always deep
  • I sometimes hit a third shot drop
  • I try to be strategic about when and where I hit the ball
  • I have a wide variety of shots in my arsenal
  • I actively work with my partner to win the shot
  • If “YES to 5 or more, move down, if not….......................... Skill Rating 3.0

Skill Rating 3.5

  • I can often anticipate my opponents’ shots
  • I often finish the point the point when my opponent gives me an opening
  • I am usually consistent with drop shots and dink shots
  • I almost always play at the non-volley line
  • With a good partner I can cover almost any shot
  • I try to be patient and wait for the opening
  • If “YES” to 5 or more, move down, if not….......................... Skill Rating 3.5

Skill Rating 4.0

  • I can consistently convert a hard shot to a soft shot
  • I am almost always patient and waiting for an opening
  • I rarely make an unforced error
  • I consistently use power and finesse to my advantage
  • I can easily sustain a rally of 40 or more shots
  • I have competed in tournaments at the 4.5 level or higher
  • If “NO” to 2 or more your self-rating is…..............................Skill Rating 4.0


If “YES” to 5 or more, your self-rating is………………………….Skill Rating 4.5 or 5.0