Hot Springs Village Pickleball Club

Hot Springs Village Pickleball Club

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The Hot Springs Village Pickleball Club was formed in 2013. The club currently has over 286 members participating in open play, leagues, tournaments and other organized activities.

Games are played at the DeSoto Recreation Area courts located on Desoto Boulevard approximately one mile from the West Gate. The facility consists of fourteen (14) outdoor regulation pickleball courts. LED lighting on the 7 South Courts for nighttime use.

The Club was organized to:

  • Provide members with opportunities for recreational play, training, social activities and competitive events
  • Establish policies for the safe and equitable use of all equipment or facilities owned, utilized or managed by the Club
  • Promote and encourage participation in the sport of pickleball, as well as programs and activities of the Club
  • Serve as a strong advocate for the advancement of the sport of pickleball in the Hot Springs Village community

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Fun FAQs

Give it a try?


The HSV Pickleball Club offers free introductory lessons. You only pay a small court fee. This class is offered every Tuesday at 6:00 PM and Saturday at 9:00 AM. 

I want to play.

Hot Springs Village Pickleball Club

You’ll need to pay either a yearly amenity fee or a daily amenity fee charged by the Property Owners’ Association for pickleball. The annual amenity fee is paid at the POA

Administration Bldg and the daily/guest fee is paid at the Desoto Recreation Club House 209 Desoto Blvd.

How much?

Hot Springs Village Pickleball Club

The Property Owners’ Association charges a fee to use the Village’s pickleball courts at the Family Recreation Area on DeSoto Blvd. 

In addition, there is a separate $11 per person fee for those choosing to join the official HSV Pickleball Club. This fee is paid directly to the Club. 

Got balls?

Hot Springs Village Pickleball Club

The balls we use to play on our courts are provided by HSV Pickleball. Once you complete your introductory class, with paddles provided by the HSV Pickleball Club, you will need to purchase your own paddle online or from a local vendor. 

History of the HSV Pickleball Club

In 2006, Hot Springs Village resident Dee Vincent thought that pickleball would be a great sport to add to those already offered in the Village.  She first  played pickleball in Happy Trails, Arizona, and loved the fast-paced, aerobic game that is played on a badminton-sized court.  Being less strenuous than tennis and taking less time than a game of golf, pickleball would be a perfect outdoor game for a community with more older residents.

When Dee approached the POA’s Recreation Committee in May 2006 about converting a tennis court to several pickleball courts, committee members said they needed proof of enough interest in the game to warrant the expense.  Dee then scheduled several open demonstrations and 108 Villagers showed up for a lesson.  Soon after, the POA painted a pickleball court in the center of each of the Village’s three original tennis courts.  In 2007, the POA formally converted one of the tennis courts to four pickleball courts. In 2011, the POA converted another tennis court to pickleball, making a total of 8 regulation courts at the Family Recreation Area on DeSoto Blvd.

In addition to being the founder of HSV Pickleball, Dee also served as ambassador for the U.S.A. Pickleball Association.  Her role was to promote pickleball clubs in surrounding areas.

In September 2006, Hot Springs Village Pickleball sent its first participants to the Arkansas Senior Olympics, which was held in Hot Springs.  Twelve Village pickleball players earned ribbons during the event that attracted athletes from Arkansas and surrounding states.

By 2008, pickleball had become a well-known sport in the Village.  Pickleball players were enjoying monthly tournaments as well as welcoming visitors from other states who wanted to learn about the sport during their stay in the Village.

Only three years after HSV Pickleball was formed, members hosted the 2009 Arkansas Senior Olympics Pickleball tournament.  Participants came from Tennessee, Louisiana and Texas in addition to Arkansas.  Gold medals were won by 15 Village players and another eight players won silver or bronze medals.

Another “first” for HSV Pickleball was the 2010 Spring Pickleball League.  More than 35 people played in the weekly competitions which took place during an eight-week time frame.

HSV Pickleball also joined in the Village’s 40th Anniversary celebration with an “open house” in April 2010.  More than 50 curious residents arrived at the courts for a look at the sport and many were intrigued enough to try it out.  Numerous club members were on hand as greeters and teachers and, before long, the courts were full of new players with varied sports backgrounds.  In addition, some of the club’s top players treated the visitors to a demonstration of playing techniques and strategy. 

The HSV Pickleball Club members, now over 300 strong, began to petition the Property Owners Administration through the Recreation Department Committee Board and Town Hall meetings for improved facilities. Detailed plans and cost estimates were submitted and won final POA approval. The result is a modern 14 court complex, each court with a cushioned surface, and individually fenced to limit the danger of stray balls. There are 7 court lit with modern LED lighting for night play.