VULCAN 2019 US National Indoor Pickleball Tournament, Hot Springs, AR


Over 400 Pickleball players from 25 states played in this year's  

VULCAN 2019 US National Indoor Pickleball Tournament at the Hot Springs, AR Convention Center. 750 matches were played on 26 courts. The youngest player was 12 years old, and the oldest was 86. 100 HSV residents were involved with the tournament; playing, refereeing and event volunteers.

Opening Ceremony Color Guard

The Color Guard opened each days event with Colors during the singing of the Star Spangled Banner. The Color Guard is made of members from the American Legion and The Veterans of Foreign Wars from the Village.

HSV Pickleball Tournament Medal Winner

(Top Row, L to R) Ken Unger, Steve Wilhite, Warren Walters, Ruth Brown, Ed Smith, Howard Buell, & Lloyd Swanson

(Bottom Row, L to R) Winnie Montgomery, Betty Wilhite, Julie Edmonds, Holly Vaculik, Bill Mason, Jim Ralston, & Liz Coonfein

(Winners, not pictured) Al Stout, David Tappe, Kate Tully, Leesa Tully, & Kevin Kopp

Information and Photos by 

F.T. Eyre



Hot Springs Village April 2019 Tournament



(Front Roll, L/R) Jody Klem, Mike Passaglia, Warren Walters, Kate Tully, Ruth Brown, Kathy Kovacevic, Julie Edmonds, Jim Ralston, Debbie Ritchey, and Holly Vaculik.

(Back Roll, L/R) David Tappe, Dave Walsh, Chris Brown, Ken Unger, Tom Rayner, DeWayne Guess, Bub Lachel, Howard Buell, Rick Varley, and Jim McPherson.

Not shown; Christie Borne, Mark Focken, Geoff Hodsdon, Kathy Kovacevic, Winne Montgomery, Nancy 

Ross, Randy Share and Ed Smith.

This HSV Club Group of Players won a total of 46 medals in the first High Springs Village Pickleball Tournament, April 26-27, 2019.

Photo by F.T. Eyre


Over 230 Pickleball Players participated in the first High Springs Village Pickleball Tournament, April 26-27, 2019. Coming from all over Arkansas, as well as 15 other states. There were over 300 spectators viewing the event and seven vendors.

The Hot Springs Village Pickleball Club had 28 Medal winner, bringing in 46 medals.


Group photo and Comments by F.T. Eyre.  All aerial Photos by Rene Steinpreis

Great picture and Video documentation of the HSV Pickleball Challenge, April 2019. F. T. Eyre posted pictures on Facebook. Zach Franklin has uploaded video to YouTube. You may view each by clicking on the respective green button below.

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